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Walter Products, LLC. specializes in the production of brass and aluminum castings for a variety of customers.  

The most popular products are well and septic products.    We manufacture vermin proof watertight well caps in the following sizes 4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", 6", 7", 7.5", 8", 10", and 12". Dry pellet chlorinator caps available in all sizes excluding the 10", and 12".  We also manufacture standard well caps in the following sizes 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8".  Personalization is available for your well caps with your company name, phone number, address, logo, or anything else you might want.  Our septic products include a 4" vent cap and a 4" inspection Plug.  Please call for more information.  

Select the links below for more detailed information:
Standard Well Cap
4" Septic Tank Inspection Cover
4" Septic Tank Inspection Plug
4" Septic Vent Cap
4"-8" Vermin Proof Watertight Well Cap
10"-12" Vermin Proof Watertight Well Cap

Note: We sell to authorized wholesale distributors only.  Please contact your local plumbing supply company for more information.  

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